Posted by: enhamheritage | July 2, 2010

EACH on the Big Screen

During June, the EACH Project team organised screenings of ‘The Story of Enham Alamein’, which was filmed by Enham clients together with pupils from Smannell & Enham C of E Primary School, and produced by Media4Schools. The film tells the story of the Enham charity and the village of Enham Alamein.

Local residents at the Landale Wilson Institute for the screening

Local residents at the Landale Wilson Institute for the screening

The film was shown to appreciative audiences at Smannell school, Enham and Enham Alamein village hall. Here are some of the comments the team has since received:

“I just wanted to congratulate you all on the wonderful film you produced regarding the history of Enham. It was very professionally put together, very informative and in places, quite emotional.” – Parent of Smannell school pupil

“It was a genuine pleasure to see the hall full of people who were equally fascinated and moved.  The film shows what a fantastic village and charity we have, but more importantly, perhaps, what great people have lived here over the years.” – Enham director

“I now appreciate the importance of involving disabled people in the community more, and I feel that Enham Alamein is more of a cohesive community than I had originally thought.” – Secondary school teacher

“This film is worthy of national/international viewing. You can only understand your present community if the past is respected. Seeing the school children interviewing and learning about veterans and ‘original’ villagers was empathy manifest!” – Resident of Enham Alamein

If you would like a copy of the DVD (£2 donation requested to cover reproduction costs), please contact Kelly Mitchell at Enham on or 01264 345800 (ext. 4209).


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