Posted by: enhamheritage | October 29, 2010

Listening to your community

An important aspect of the EACH Project is to collect oral histories, or spoken memories, from members of the local community. Pupils from Smannell & Enham C of E Primary School have particularly been inviting former pupils of their school to speak about their early memories.

Children interviewing local residents Doug Saunders and Fred Hall

Children interviewing local residents Doug Saunders and Fred Hall

You can have a listen to some interview extracts here:

Dorothy Mesney and Hilda Wood talking about gardening at Enham, 1920s

Doug Saunders describing a typical day at Smannell school, 1930s

Michael Haggar remembering disabled men working in Enham Industries, 1930s and 40s

Fred Hall remembering the day when Britain declared war on Germany, 1939

Doug Saunders describing war casualties from Enham, 1939-1945

Nora Bullen and Cyril Loveridge talking about clothing and fashion, 1940s

Doug Saunders describing Enham Home Guard, 1940s

Terry Roll describing his work at Enham dairy farm, 1950s

Revd Thomas Wharton talking about changes in the role of the church since 1950s

Phil North discussing the biggest challenge facing Smannell over the next 10 years

If you are interested in taking part in our oral history project, either as an interviewer or interviewee, please contact Kelly Mitchell on 01264 345800 (ext. 4209) or All ages and abilities welcome – and don’t worry if you are a newcomer to the area because everyone’s opinion on their community matters!


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